Mini itx build reddit 2020

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Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site! Almost all Regular sized graphics cards are too long and they cannot be made fit into most of the mini-ITX cases. These compact graphics cards with shorter sized PCBs are also known as small form factor graphics cards or mini graphics cards. The width of the SFF graphics card may or may not change but their length is always on the shorter side.

An SFF graphics card should not have a length longer than mm.

mini itx build reddit 2020

Most of the SFF graphics cards have a length shorter than mm. There is a major difference between low profile graphics cards and these compact or small form factor graphics cards. Low profile graphics cards are sleek i. They may be longer in length, especially in case of powerful low profile graphics cards and may or may not fit in the mini-ITX cases, whereas compact or mini graphics cards are shorter in length but are as wide as the regular-sized graphics cards.

They can fit in the mini-ITX cases but not in the slim or low profile cases. You should also know that these compact or mini graphics cards can also fit in the mini-ATX and regular ATX cases perfectly. Important Note: All the below mentioned SFF graphics cards are of standard height or width and will not fit in slim or low profile computer cases.

For slim SFF cases, you need a low profile graphics card.

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Here are the best SFF video cards from Nvidia. These are high-performance gaming graphics cards that can be used in mini-ITX cases. This is an SC or Superclocked version of the card which means it has been slightly overclocked. GT is a pretty good card for entry to mid-level gaming and you can play the latest games on medium settings at a decent resolution and older games on high settings at p. The card runs pretty silent and remains cool even during intense gaming.

You may get this graphics card under dollars and you can check it out from the link given below. On the exterior side, the card looks the same as the above mentioned GT with the same heatsink and fan design. It has dual-slot design which means it occupies a bit more space in your computer case. You can get this powerful compact graphics card from the link given below.

This card is cheap and is a great choice for users, who want to upgrade from integrated graphics to something powerful and affordable. This card will let you play eSports titles at good graphics settings, older games at medium to high settings and some of the latest games on low settings at p. It is also a very good card for 4K display and video playback.

The card also has very low power consumption and it does not require external power from the PSU. You only need a W PSU to power this card. This SFF graphics card is only mm in length but it is a dual-slot card.

For cooling, the card comes with a single 90mm fan and an aluminum heatsink sunflower designed heatsink. On this card, you can play almost every game on medium-high settings at p with comfortable frame rates.

Also, this is a great card for eSports gaming. The card has very low power consumption and it does not require any external power connectors from the PSU.Building a PC for the first time? Hence, find yourself in the dilemma of choosing a motherboard? Well, in this article we have carried out a full comparison between Micro ATX and Mini ITX for readers to understand, how the 2 motherboards differ from each other and what are there pros and cons and based of the information provided in this article, it will help them easily choose the one which suits them the best.

When building a new PC, one of the major components required is a motherboard. However, not all motherboards are generated the same, meaning that they come in all different sizes and shapes and can highly vary in terms of features and price.

mini itx build reddit 2020

While building a PC, first-timers often find themselves struggling between the selection of the motherboard, as they do not know about the difference between the motherboard form factor. Therefore, in this particular article, we will provide you with the difference between the motherboard form factor, as well as the features the 2 motherboard has to offer.

Hence, giving readers a better idea of which motherboard will suit best for their needs.

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX: Which is Best for you in 2020?

The biggest difference that can be carried out between the 2 is the size. Although they have their separate pros and cons for the size. The biggest point to discuss the size of all the motherboards is that it mostly determines what PC case you can or cannot use. Although vice versa can be carried out easily, it will highly disturb the aesthetic standpoint, as your, every component will be scrunched up in the top left corner of the case, which one will not prefer in terms of aesthetic point of view.

The main use for PCIe slot is for assigning a graphics card into the motherboard, although it is also used by a variety of other cards such as sound cards, internal modems and many more, so be careful while choosing by opting either one of the motherboards stated in this article. It is placed at the edge of the motherboard, meaning a problem may arise if the motherboard is itself very tight for a case and on top of that if you wish to fit a serious graphics card, it might not be able to get fit without requiring some extra space.

Price, another important aspect of choosing a motherboard. In general, one will think that Mini ITX will be much cheaper as compared to Micro ATX since it tends to be smaller in size and hence less material may be required to manufacture such motherboards but in reality its the opposite of the same. Whereas it also depends on the quality of the motherboard which tends to determine the price tag.

Well if you are thinking of making a budget-friendly gaming PC, well it is always suggested to go for the Micro ATX motherboards, as they are highly available and are pretty cheap in comparison to that of other motherboards. The only reason for you to simply opt for a standard ATX motherboard is when you are planning to build a high-end gaming PC which tends to push its cores to extreme and hence supports a multi GPU PC setup or even while creating a workstation for professional work.

mini itx build reddit 2020

Since they both tend to support nominal size while following a much more minimal design. Although if you wish to go for a bit more smaller PC setup, your best bet will be a Mini ITX as it consists of a smaller size and is nominal for basic gaming PC setups. It is generally used by gamers who build their gaming setups as small as possible for easy to move around type such as gamers who like taking their PC to LAN parties, etc.

Therefore, as for the conclusion of the article, both of the motherboards tend to excel in particular sections and are suited for particular setups.

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Looking for all your tech-based solutions? TechyWhale is all about Tech.Tech Guided is supported by its readers. If you purchase products after clicking on links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Learn more. Rather than trying to build the biggest and baddest system around, many have instead opted to see how powerful of a system they could put inside of a small form-factor case. And, of course, with the rise in popularity of these smaller systems, more and more compact hardware options are arising. Honorable Mentions. Check Price. Our Rating: 9. Check Price on Amazon.

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The ZI features dual M. The ZI also comes with a dual-band For features, the XI comes with the same dual M. Our Rating: 8. However, it should be noted that the H chipset is pretty well stripped down. So, if those lack of features is a deal-breaker for you, you might want to check out the slightly more expensive B chipset motherboard listed below.

And, of the ultra affordable Intel-based mini-ITX motherboards out there, the HI Pro is probably the best and most affordable option.

Streacom DA2 Chassis - The Best Mini ITX/DTX Case We've Seen?

And, as it is a Z chipset motherboard, it can be paired with an unlocked Coffee Lake processor to allow for overclocking. However, in our post on single channel vs. The H chipset also lacks USB 3. So, if those lack of features on H chipset motherboards is a problem for you, your next best option for an affordable Coffee Lake mini-ITX motherboard is this Gigabyte BN motherboard, as the B chipset will provide you with those features.

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If you are planning on adding a bunch of RGB lights to your build, then you might benefit by utilizing Aura Sync in order to control all of your RGB lights through the Aura Sync interface. Although, MSI has similar options for system-tuning.Tech Guided is supported by its readers.

If you purchase products after clicking on links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. These small form-factor cases are perfect for gamers or anyone else looking to build a mini-ITX gaming PC. A good mini-ITX gaming case will have plenty of room for your components, come in a lightweight package, have plenty of options to make cable management easier, and have good ventilation to make up for its compact interior. NZXT Hi. Thermaltake Core P1. Phanteks Evolv Shift.

Thermaltake Core V1. Check Price. The best mini ITX case overall. See Amazon Price. It is a bit more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but with plenty of clearance to house a high-end gaming PC despite its compact design, as well as some of its other stand-out features, we felt it stands out a bit more than the other options currently available.

The Hi can hold graphics cards that are up to While there are mini-ITX cases out there that can accommodate longer graphics cards, the reality is that, you can find high-end graphics cards like an RTX that come in at under The best open-air mini-ITX case. Its tempered glass design makes it a visually attractive option, allowing everyone to see the inner workings of your genius set up. It has two 2.

mini itx build reddit 2020

Internally you have one 3. The Core P1 has five expansion slots. There are two mm internal fans on the left side of the case which provide the system with adequate cooling ability.

There are some models in this category that can accommodate more fans, so if overheating is a concern, be sure to research those. In terms of the case clearance, you have a CPU cooler height limit of 6. The radiator measures in at a thickness of 1.

Your radiator width is limited to 4. The best slim-design case. Despite its incredibly slim design, the Shift can still hold full-size graphics cards up to However, with its slim design, the case is limited to using SFX power supplies.Small form factor SFF builds are becoming quite the thing nowadays, and a lot of conventional ATX, mid-tower builds are now looking at sizing down and building smart and powerful systems in mini-ITX enclosures.

With more and more highly capable, easy-to-use and sleek mini-ITX cases under 20 litres volume to be technically called a SFF buildthere has never been a time to embark on your first SFF build, or perhaps upgrade your current mini ITX system with a new enclosure.

Best Mini-ITX Cases for 2020: 9 Small Form-Factor Computer Cases Reviewed

In this guide we will show you our favorite mITX cases currently available inand why these will be suitable for any type of builder — novice or seasoned. Coming in at just 7. The original version of this case only featured one case fan mount which means cooling is limited but still sufficient but planning for airflow needs to be considered to ensure a build with decent thermals.

The newer version, the V4, has added additional fan mountpoints to give the A4-SFX better potential for cooling and improving thermals. One of the best PC cases money can buy — should you end up with this case we recommend reading our guide on the recommended parts for Dancase A4 SFX buildsor perhaps like the design of this and want a cheaper alternative, here is a guide to some Dancase A4-SFX alternatives. The Ghost S1 comes in at 8. CPU cooler support is greater than the A4-SFX, too, with coolers up to 66mm of height being able to fit in the enclosure — and specifically for this case the Scythe Big Shuriken 2 is known to be a great cooler pairing with the Ghost S1.

Take note that if you want to install top hats and AIO cool the Ghost S1, the volume of the case will begin to approach that of the NCase M1 — so if thats the case you may also want to consider this SFF case — which is known as the best mini-ITX case for airflow and watercooling.

Available in three different colours, this 9. There is plenty of room for cooling, with two fan mounts for x 25mm fans to drive down thermals and create a ITX case with good airflow. Update: Sliger have recently announced two more ITX cases to their lineup which are slightly larger in volume, and may appeal to those who want a little more internal space than the SM These two new announced cards are the Sliger SM B being our recommended CPU cooler for the Node to give the best thermals for this case.

We also have a guide recommending the top PC parts for Node builds — should you want to build with this case.

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The NCase M1 is known as the OG SFF case that really helped drive the SFF builders community to where it is today — originating from a highly successful kickstarter campaign and has gone from strength to strength since. This The optimum cooling setup for the NCase M1 is to use 3 fans, 2 for the graphics card intake and 1 on the side bracket also as an intake — this is the easiest setup to get very decent thermal performance in the NCase M1.

It can be found here. The final case on our list is the Cougar QBX coming in at Read our guide on the recommended components for the Cougar QBX here. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar.Tech Guided is supported by its readers.

If you purchase products after clicking on links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Or, just a system that has a small footprint? Nowadays, though, more and more gamers are choosing smaller form-factor cases and mini-ITX motherboards so that they can build mini gaming PCs that have reduced footprints.

NOTE: If you want an even more mobile system, you might want to consider getting a gaming laptop instead. More PC Build Options. If you see that the price is significantly different than the one we have listed, or there is a component that is no longer available on Amazon, you can either search for a similar replacement or ask us for advice on an alternative by posting in the comment section below this article.

The quad-core Intel Core if and RX 4GB graphics card are good enough to allow you to play pretty much any game on a budget-friendly P monitor. We also decided to go with an RX 4GB graphics card over a GTX 4GB graphics card because they come in a bit cheaper despite offering similar performance in most benchmarks.

You could replace the SSD with a 1TB hard drive for the same price if you need more storage, but since this is a small form-factor build, we figured the smaller and faster SSD might help save a little space. Click here to check current pricing. Windows 10 is included in the list, but will cost extra—and you will definitely need an operating system one way or another. For just a couple hundred more than the build listed above, you can land this mid-range P-killing small form-factor PC.

The jump in graphics card that this build offers will allow you to max out any game on a P monitor. You could also opt for a GTX 6GB graphics card instead of the RX 8GB in this system, but the RX is still quite a bit cheaper and will allow you to pair it with an affordable Hz P FreeSync monitor for the ultimate experience in competitive games where using a higher refresh rate monitor can give you an advantage.

It is a mini-ITX case that has a tempered glass side panel that will allow you to show off your build. And, it comes with a semi-modular W power supply to help make cable management in this build a bit easier. We opted for an AMD Ryzen 5 here over an Intel Core if because the will allow you to overclock and it comes in at a lower price point.

The other good thing about going with an AMD Ryzen 5 is that you get a stock cooler that not only performs well, but also looks nice, too. So, if aesthetics are a concern for you, then that just gives you more incentive to go the AMD route.

The best mini-ITX case in 2020

Of course, if you want even better cooling for extreme overclocks you could add a third-party CPU cooler to this build—but that will drive the cost a little more. Click here for the most up-to-date pricing.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. But what are you giving up if you decide to go for a smaller form factor? Not much, as it turns out. Even with high-power components, there are only a few things you need to look out for.

My ATX mid-tower is x x mm, approximately 56, cubic centimeters of space. A Mini-ITX case from the same manufacturer, with room for a full-sized power supply and gaming-grade GPU, is x x mm, about 18, cubic centimeters.

You might even be able to put your computer on your computer desk—what a concept! A fully-loaded mid-tower in a steel case can be 40 pounds or more. Though Mini-ITX builds use most of the same parts aside from the motherboard, that smaller case makes it dramatically lighter, not to mention much, much easier to pick up and move around.

It really lessens the fear of dropping it and snapping all of your components in half. LAN party, anyone?

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Most Mini-ITX cases have room for at least one full-sized 3. Some cases also omit a standard 5. Mini-ITX gaming builds run a little hotter than bigger systems, simply as a function of the design—the same components running in a smaller space concentrates the heat. This problem is compounded when you try to add in extra fans: mounting area for air intake and output is limited. This issue is compounded by cables that are designed with the length of standard ATX builds in mind.

To help resolve this, you can go for aggressive cable management with ties and routing many Mini-ITX cases have this built in or look for a short cable set specifically designed for compact builds. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

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