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CyDown is the ultimate stop for all your Cydia tweaks, you can get paid Cydia tweaks for free for jailbroken devices as like we have apps like Tutu Helper, Haimawan and TweakBox to provide paid iOS apps for free for non jailbroken devices.

As most of the customization for your jailbroken iOS device comes from Cydia. You need to have Cydia app installed on your iOS device.

Top 3 Cydia Sources Best Used for Hacking Games - Cydia Hacks

Of them, only one third of the tweaks are free and for rest of all you need to pay to install them. CyDown Download brings you access to unlimited number of paid Cydia tweaks including the best themes and paid jailbreak tweaks.

Using CyDown you can install any of the Cydia tweaks available from any Cydia repo for free. If CyDown is not downloading and if you are facing CyDown Download errors, please comment your errors below and I will try to post a solution for your errors.

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Hello, whenever I installed Cydown. My Cydia app would continue to crash when I tried opening it. Also, the Cydown app was just a black screen.

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Top Cracked Cydia Sources and Repos for iOS 10 [2017]

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cydown repo ios 13

Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.New Cydia Tweaks for iOS Cydia is a famous App in the App Store. So these tweaks will be compatible with all iOS 12 to iOS Also, remember some of these Cydia tweaks need additional Repos or Sources. So you have to go into Sources and click on edit add and add the sources on below I mentions. If you are already installed it, please skip this part.

Search CydiaSubstrate and PreferenceLoader and make sure both of these are installed. Because they are mandatory the tweak compatibility. It brings a dark mode for the iconic Cydia application.

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But this tweak allows you to force respring or reboot after installing the Cydia package and it will enable you to download and install another package without respiring. There are a lot of features you can check that out you can add multiple sources at the same time. So what this does is it adds a small half egg feedback when the person attends the call so you know you can call someone and can use your phone until that and then when your phone like gives you that haptic feedback.

With over 7 million users worldwide, its popularity is without question.

cydown repo ios 13

Tweak Engine bound up for providing the latest version of all tweaks that available. It blurs your wallpaper using one of several methods to give your wallpaper a soft, colorful influence over your Home screen. Fortunately, jailbreak enthusiasts and tweak developers have found a plethora of creative ways to improve it.

Most people will argue that this is a normal application that is used for clearing the storage space of the iOS device. It is one of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS It helped to retaining the battery of the device even when the battery is very low. Users can use this application for organizing all the apps on the home screen and can segregate the setting apps and tweaks. Ultrasound is one of the amazing tweaks which helps the users in adjusting the sound quality in Ipone.

We can also use this foe I pad.CyDown is available on jailbreak app store for iPhone, iPad and all other compatible jb devices…. You may in search of a way that let you download paid tweaks for your iPhone after jailbreaking your iOS device. And since, CyDown is best choice for this, you may be hunting for it.

Update : CyDown repo is not compatible for Sileo with the new jailbreak solution at the moment. Currently, a new scene is going to be created. So alternatively, you must install Sileo with new jailbreak solution. Many Cydia tweaks whether free or paid are stopped working because they are not compatible with Sileo at the moment.

cydown repo ios 13

However, we heard that some developments are going under process to bring all premium tweaks on new jb store. You may soon be able to download your favorite tweaks right on your iPhone. Guys, if you want this tweak in the future, comment below and bookmark our website for new tweaks coming on Sileo exclusively updated here. Your email address will not be published. September 13, at am.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Although packages are easily navigated from any jailbroken iOS device through the Cydia application itself, iOS Repo Updates is a website search engine offering a quick and reliable alternative for finding packages currently available in Cydia.

Additionally, some others repositories will be checked. Cydia is a full-featured graphical front end to APT and the dpkg package management system for the iOS developed by Jay Freeman saurik. Cydia provides access to the latest software packages including applications, themes, ringtones, and other modifications exclusive to the jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. But some packages are unavailable on default repositories, with our tool it's easy to find it and to add a specific repository.

Cydia is typically installed on iOS devices during the jailbreaking process and includes a handful of default repositories known as community sources.

These default repositories feature tens of thousands of software packages both free and commercially sold through the Cydia Store similar to Apple's App Store. In addition to the already included community source repositories, Cydia also features a source manager allowing the addition of third-party or private repositories.

These private repositories can be created by anyone with the will and means to run their own. Alternatively, if you're a developer, you can easiely create a repository with YouRepo. Create a Cydia Repository. If you want to suggest a new repository URL to track, please use Contact page.As we know that unc0ver iOS 13 Jailbreak is out now, we have uploaded a complete guide using both computer and no computer to install unc0ver jailbreak.

Jailbreak is installed for getting Cydia tweaks with additional features that are not available through the official Apple App Store. This is a pretty huge list, but enough information is provided briefly for each tweak and the repo for each tweak is also mentioned.

The first in our list of iOS 13 unc0ver Cydia tweaks After you install CozyBadges tweak, all the icon labels will be removed. But when you get a notification for a specific app or apps, the label for those will appear. Here is CozyBadges tweak repo. Moreover, if you change volume through side buttons, it shows the percentage there as well to let you know at what stage your volume is currently at.

Here is the SugarCane13 tweak repo.

Best Cydia Sources and Cydia Repos – 2020

Next in our list of iOS 13 unc0ver Cydia tweaks is Kalm tweak. A lot of customizations are available, through settings, you can colorize all the things as well as change the locations for these. Here is Kalm tweak repo. Here is Grupi tweak repo.

This is one of my best iOS You can customize things for the lock and home screen as well through settings. BatteryPercentX tweak puts a number instead of battery bar and percentage, this makes battery modules clean. You know exactly where your battery is at, there is a lot you can customize with it through its settings. Here is BatteryPercentX tweak repo. Tweaks Manager is one of my best iOS By installing the tweak manager, you can bypass jailbreak in any application you want. It hides the jailbreak in that application that helps you escape the temporary blockage.

Here is the Tweaks Manager tweak repo. Here is the PianoPass tweak repo. When you put your device on charging, a nice looking animation is shown on your screen after you install Maple2 tweak.

Not only that, when you attach your Apple watch with the charger that also shows up with a nice animation on your iPhone. The same goes for AirPods as well. Here is Maple2 tweak repo. You guys must be familiar with a picture in picture mode, this tweak does the same on your device.

When you go to multi taskings and hold on any opened application, that app will show as a picture in picture mode on your device and you can adjust its size right from the screen. However, you can go full screen or close that app from the screen as well. Here is Milkyway2 tweak repo. It turns the Cydia in a complete dark mode on your device. Here is Turkey tweak repo. The new interface provides the necessary information on the main page.Well, now that you have jailbroken your device, how about you add some repos to Cydia to gain access to some useful jailbreak tweaks?

We have already compiled a list of the best iOS 13 Checkra1n jailbreak tweaks. However, some of you might be looking for more tweaks in which case it is best that you add some popular repos to Cydia. By adding the below repos, you will be able to enjoy more powerful jailbreak tweaks that will further enhance the experience of using your jailbroken iPhone.

If you have not already, you can follow our guide on how to use checkra1n to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad running iOS If you know of any more useful Cydia repos or sources not mentioned above, drop a comment and share it with our readers! Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer.Recently, we talked about what is Cydia and Cydia basics. I hope you have good understating about the Cydia app and why it is important for iOS users. I recommended you to read that previous article if you are a new Cydia user.

I assume that you have good knowledge about the Cydia app now. Firstly, I hope you know how to add Cydia sources to Cydia application.

If you are new to add Cydia sources just read below articles, it will guide you to how to add Cydia repo to your Cydia app. BigBoss repo is the biggest best Cydia sources available. Without Bigboss, Cydia is nothing. You can try it to your device. It provides hundreds of tweaks, themes, apps, etc. This source automatically installed when you install the Cydia app.

You can check it out from the below link. ModMyi is another popular Cydia sources. It has a different type of verities of tweaks. Furthermore, their categories also categorized very well. You can find more application for education, travel, entertainment, business, etc. In ModMyi you can try Sbsetting and Mywi.

Great paid tweak for iPhone and iPad. This is also a good Cydia source. They offer more tweak and apps for iOS devices. As wells as it helps to customize your iOS device too. Because it provides various type of games according to category with free games.

cydown repo ios 13

If you are a game lover. You can try it.

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Insanelyi repo is another good source for Cydia. They also provide more useful apps and tweak. You can join their forum to get a new update and new application releases. FillippoBiga repo is provided the good apps to customize your iPhone, iPad.

Give a try Springtomize is the app.


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